How popular is your site?

Have you recently searched on Google and found some irrelevant junk on the first page? Read on.

Much has been said about SEO in the past years with loads of techniques and even more wisdom being spread across the internet by SEO sages. In fact, I would go so fas as to say, that the proliferation of total garbage on the internet has been the direct outcome of efforts by unscrupulous SEO service providers to try and fog internet search engines into delivering skewed results.

Unfortunately,  they seem to have succeeded in obtaining the desired results for themselves as well as their esteemed clients. And considering the business value of a first page listing on popular search engines, one really cannot blame them. Heck everyone wants to be on the first page of Google.Google Search Position and its importance

Popular methods so far have been:

  1. Flooding the most obscure directories with links.
  2. Creating cross linked web sites with absolute no purpose but to point to a primary target site or domain (obviously all domains are owned by the same party). Only today I saw a photography site pointing to several casinos!
  3. Cram the entire web page/site with the same keywords and phrases until it all become quite meaningless. Then, once the eyes have started watering from reading the same keywords repeatedly, make space and add some more of those keyword laden sentences.
  4. Buying links from anyone willing to sell them. If this fails proceed to step 5.
  5.  Spamming postings on blogs and any other place on the internet that can accept text and store it.

Having said that, we now turn to what the future holds for everyone on getting to the first page of Google. For all those who thought the mugs at Google are sleeping, here is some news.

Since Google’s release of the new algorithm for 2012, Google bots will take a rather dim view of all the above methods. Google claims to have developed many new algorithms to detect all the above types of  scamming and “SEO Stuffing”. Thus, all those sites (and webmasters) that resort to what can only be considered as underhanded tactics had better watch out. Some sites are positively bloated with SEO garbage and the Atkins diet could actually do them wonders.

Google terms this as making its search results “honest”. Thus, SEO garbage will hopefully get filtered out, uninformative sites packed with “keywords”  will be sinking faster than the Titanic, to the bottom pile of results and only those sites with structured and informative content will find their way to the top. Well want that how it was supposed to be to begin with?

So the best way to get good ranking for your website for the future would be:

  1. Good content without Advertisement and SEO clutter [I hate sites with adwords placed in stupid places.]
  2. Get REALLY (notice its all CAPS) good back links from absolutely relevant sites
  3. Current and updated content on the website at all times
  4. Content material that actually answers a question or provides some useful insights
  5. Remember that the old fashioned way (hard work) is the only way to produce lasting results.
There may be more points but these are all I can think of for now. If anyone has more points to add to this list, please feel free to post in the comments.

So here we are, hoping that the new year will get us better search results that are really meaningful. Maybe they will even think of getting rid of the “I’m feeling lucky” button since the results will be sensible and not just a matter of pot luck as  has been happening in recent years.

Happy blogging 2012.

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