Considering starting your own online poker site?

There is a lot of information on how to start poker sites but hardly any knowledge about how to do it cheaply. Do you really need the most expensive software and the deepest pockets in the world to run a small poker site? Surely there are a large many entrepreneurs out there who are only looking and modest numbers and the costs of getting started just don’t add up. So here we take a swing at how it could be done at a much REASONABLE cost.

Online Poker has been looked by many as a lucrative business. However the most common problem has been finding reliable poker software at a reasonable price. We will look at some possible methods that can help entrepreneurs start an online poker business at a reasonable price.

Poker Table Choices

There are several ways to start a poker site as below:

 1. Find a software provider

You can find many software providers on the net and then get them to quote you a price for the software. They may charge you a one off fee or a fee plus revenue. Check what customization they offer for your particular business needs. The upside is you have complete control on the system and every aspect. The downside is it could be expensive, getting the initial player mass may be difficult and marketing costs may be higher than you can afford. You may also have a tough time getting a payment gateway.

 2. Join a poker network.

Several companies will give you a free web site and the poker software etc, for a small one off fee [$1000 I think, better check with them]. You can then simply get your players and get going on the readymade platform. The upside is the low cost to market, a ready player pool to get your members some action, and software you can test before you take the plunge. The downside is you have to share a revenue or pay a monthly fee. The bigger networks will charge you a larger joining fee, sometimes as much as $30000, so again, you should choose based on your budget.

The first option is really common knowledge but lets look at the second option closely.

In the network option, you will get the same software, the same tools and almost all the bells and whistles of the bigger sites. You don’t have to put up any up-front money for the servers or software. Sites may charge a small setup fee. However you will have to share your revenue for using the service. So basically, it is more like a pay-as-you-use service.

Personally, if I had a LARGE budget [> $250,000], I would prefer a custom application made for myself. However if it was lesser, then I would prefer not to spend all the capital I had on software and instead use that money on marketing and acquiring players, promotions and things like that. Its important to keep aside the largest percentage of your capital to grow your business. It applies to ALL businesses, not just online poker.

There are many good providers of every type of system. Make sure you get one that is willing to support you in every possible way and won’t make a fuss about any small requests you make.

When you plan to open a new gambling business, be sure you get reliable poker software. Be also careful you are operating in the correct jurisdiction and check the licensing for those jurisdictions. Currently the US only allows PLAY MONEY games and therefore you should check if you are joining a poker network that has real money or else simply get subscription poker software for your site.

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