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How to prepare for a successful job interview

I have been interviewing candidates for 15 years now and I think that there is definitely much experience here that I would like to share with all those who plan to appear for any job interview. In the rush of giving as many job interviews in as short a time as possible, candidates often forget […]

How popular is your site?

Have you recently searched on Google and found some irrelevant junk on the first page? Read on. Much has been said about SEO in the past years with loads of techniques and even more wisdom being spread across the internet by SEO sages. In fact, I would go so fas as to say, that the […]

Selecting an online payment gateway

To successfully operate an online business, you need to setup methods of accepting payments from players. Choosing the best payment gateway is therefore very important. So what provider is best for you? Below are some of the important criteria for choosing a payment processor for your online casino. Please note that these criteria apply to […]

Payment gateways and online gaming

We are often consulted by our customers about payment gateways for accepting online payments at their online casinos. While most payment gateways will accept your business, certain categories such as online gaming are a different ball game altogether. Now before you start giving me a list of companies that offer services to this and similar […]

Considering starting your own online poker site?

There is a lot of information on how to start poker sites but hardly any knowledge about how to do it cheaply. Do you really need the most expensive software and the deepest pockets in the world to run a small poker site? Surely there are a large many entrepreneurs out there who are only […]